Crypto Game Series - Play my game, coin your name.

concept | game design | unity development

This is a series of 2D web games that explore a new way of a crypto gaming system. Different than most of the current crypto games, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain, and you will need to purchase Ether to play them. These series consider the player's emotion involved with the concept of biding. The game is free to play. The scores players get in the game, will be directly linked to the amount of value they can bid for the game. 

Eat Red Grow Green Shrik

This game originally was a 1-minute maze challenge I made. I converted the challenge of escaping the maze in 60 seconds to the concept of biding. The main mechanism stays the same, the player controls the square using arrow keys. As instructed by the title, eat red grow and green shrink, the player has to navigate strategically to eat less or shrink more to go through the maze.

Being published at OpenSea

Where am I? What am I doing?

The game presents a digital intimacy boundary, and it provides an experience of unpredictable dynamical change, it is about the process of chasing, and the relative emotions regard to owning, losing and uncertainty. The player in this game controls the direction of rectangle shape through arrow buttons on a keyboard, mainly going forward, backward, left and right. The player gets score by staying close to the ball, if not the ball will disappear. The goal for the player is to chase the ball in a three-dimensional space. The rectangle shape ( the player ) will randomly change its orientation in a three-dimensional space, the control buttons for players also changes simultaneously. For example, after the orientation changes, when the player presses the forward key, it doesn’t make the rectangle move forward, rather it makes the rectangle move to the left. The change of orientation also disturbs the player’s entrenched control habit in traditional gaming, creating a challenge of rebuilding an orientation system.

Being published at OpenSea