The More The Merrier


Audio samples recorded while audiences were interacting with the work.
Sound source: Rui Sha, Beirui Sui, Chun Zeng, Noah Coleman, Madison Young, Kelvin McGrath.





Dimension: 50*50*100 (cm)

Material: Magnets, acrylic, metal, wood

The More The Merrier is an interactive sound installation, which invites audience to place as many magnets as possible into the slots. The piece creates a chance for participants to be engaged in a playful challenge. Common human emotions; joy, surprise, excitement, and frustration will emerge, and be amplified while more magnets are added, building a sharable reservoir of emotion experience generated by intersecting vocal expressions. The piece intends to highlight the commonness that we all share as human beings through the similarity of our feelings, no matter the race, gender, or class; we are the same in this challenge.