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Washington DC, United States

Chicago, United States

Ghent, Belgium

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Perfect City 2019


The Perfect City is an ever-evolving experimental web-based game, which allows participators to be both game-rule makers and game players. The Perfect City simulates a utopian city, which is ruled by the Social Credit System. A system that surveils and quantifies all citizens' daily behaviors through an ever-changing collective agreement of desired social values. Every player’s opinions influence the Social Credit System simultaneously. The project not only questions a system that oversimplifies a person’s moral character and restricts human rights, but also intends to offer a thought experiment through collective intelligence, and rethink an alternative possible society.

The player is a visitor to the Perfect City for 7 days. Every day, there is a task for the player to finish, from choosing a place to stay to visiting visa office. Each task includes a series of decisions to make, and all choices are embedded in the credit system that changes the social credit score of the player simultaneously. The credit system is generated based on the City Value Poll and Daily Opinion Poll that every player has to participant in. A lower social credit score will result in limitations of finishing the task for the player, for example, have trouble of getting extension of visa and stop the player from moving on in the game.

Being embeded in a physical container, The Perfect City has been taken to different cities and different countries, and it is still on the journey of evolving.

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