Under The Sun


This is a series of photograph documentations of Under The Sun, a collaboration project with Chun Zeng. Those pictures were captured next to lakeshore, from daytime to sunset, till evening. In the center of the pictures, it is a solar panel, which is able to power 10 LED light bulbs installed behind by direct sunlight.

Think about vital nature elements in our daily life- sunlight, water, and earth -and manmade infrastructures that are constructed to meet our society’s need. They can be overlooked or mundane, seemingly to be used and ignored. Our project Under The Sun blends those unthoughtful elements and sets up a contradict scene in which a group of human-designed and human-made products were put into a close to nature environment.

Solar panel and LED light bulbs as mediums that transform natural sunlight into artificial light, which shines on the shadow of solar panel caused by energy source of this chain effect, the sunshine. Through the transition of energy form during the changing of time, of sunlight, natural environments and human endeavors commingle and conflict. What is our role in between this?