ACT: An app helps better social media performance

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ACT (auto controlling technology) is concept of a radical wearable device from designer Shuheng Fu. The device is worn on the thumb that boosts user’s social performance. With the most advanced artificial intelligence, ACT studies user’s behavior and habits, rectifies and improves social presence. The virtual space is constantly shifting with an influx of the good and the bad. ACT’s mission is to increase the efficiency of interactions, help our users optimize the reach of their posts, and gain more traffic on their social media accounts with the least efforts.


The usage of social media around the world is ever-increasing. With the larger population on social media, there are increasing debates on the social media censorship. Based on the community guidelines of social media platforms, contents which include nudity or sexual activity, hate speech and graphic violence will been taken down. However, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Weibo (Chinese microblogging website) have also been faced criticism of censorship, for pulling innocuous content, blocking accounts and cutting off conversation. Not-good words have decreased the reach of posts, sensitive phrases are being banned to appear on the social media. These hidden rules have caused some accounts being deleted.


  • Users are not aware of these banned rules while creating contents on social media.

  • Users have to be used to wearing the physical device, as the effect of ACT gets more effective after longer period time of usage.

  • The effect of using the physical device can appear after a long time of use, users may not notice without a clear visual shows the optimization.
  • Project Goal

  • Help people optimize the content of their posts.

  • Encourage and help users to get used to wearing the physical device.

  • Create real-time visualizations to show the change made by using the physical device.

  • Build a tip sharing community, to expand the discovery of hidden social media rules with crowdsourcing efforts.
  • Sketches and wireframes

    To meet the project goals, I mapped out the outline of the user flow. After a couple of interations, I narrowed it down to three main features as navigation tabs.

  • Content
  • Community
  • Account
  • Here are more details in the post editing page, except the standard fuctions like adding images and links, three unique functions are embeded for curating a better composed content.

  • Sensitive words will be highlighted, while users lick on it, there are choices of alternative word suggested.
  • Users are able to set a specific time for posting their content according to their need.
  • While hashtag function is active, users can type in their tag, meanwhile, there are suggested popular tags listed below for choosing.
  • Each word is regarded as a single element for real-time analyzing.

    High fidelity

    To encourage users to have continuous use of the physical device, the welcome back page shows how long they have been wearing the device. A clear and time information in detail appear at the heading motivates users to keep using it every day.