Altered Festival
The future of storytelling: multi-sensory immersive experiences

A mixed reality adventure

The festival is aimed at all those who are approaching VR/AR/XR for innovative multi-sensory experiences, exploring our senses with new forms of narration in the virtual world. The 2020 festival features 13 cutting edge projects that alter our taste, smell, haptic and other senses through VR/AR technology. Exhibiting artists are from around the world, including Australia, Finland, Japan and United States. Among the experiences, a “VR Drink Experiencce” is offered by Chicago VR bar Redline VR.

photo by Veronica Rosas Vargas

Exhibition Catalog

Kindle and paperback version available on amazon

This catalog holds a record of the festival which includes two articles, 13 projects, and an interview. We are honored to have one of our jurors, Ron Martin, to share with us his experience at the festival, his insights as an experience designer. As the festival producer, I shared my story about how the collaboration with Redline VR came along. After the festival, I interviewed Aaron Sawyer, the owner of Redline VR, during which Aaron shared anecdotes about running a VR arcade bar in Chicago and the tough situations he faced during a pandemic.

catalog image