Fixity Equals Death
- Chicago’s first-ever embassy for The Wrong Biennale

F = D (Fixity Equals Death)

This exhibition is part of the larger digital art biennale known as The Wrong – the largest and most comprehensive biennale celebrating digital art today. The Wrong happens both online (in pavilions: virtual curated spaces in online accessible media) and offline (in embassies: institutions, art spaces, galleries and artist-run spaces in cities around the world.). Its upcoming installment, which will be its fourth, will take place from November 1st, 2019 until March 1st, 2020.

Fixity Equals Death is one of hundreds of online exhibitions participating in The Wrong biennial. It will also include the biennial’s first-ever embassy/offline exhibition space in Chicago.

This exhibition seeks to understand the human connection between virtual and physical realms. It is an exploration of these two points of existence from the view of its liminal space, cybernetics, and the networks that emerge from them. The artwork presented reflects on the conditions of [the perpetual movement of] digital art within the current state of the internet.