A board game makes you laugh and scream

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Sound source: Rui Sha, Beirui Sui, Chun Zeng, Noah Coleman, Madison Young, Kelvin McGrath.

The More The Merrier

is a board game, which invites audience to place as many magnets as possible into the slots. That is also the only rule for this game. The piece creates a chance for participants to be engaged in a playful challenge. Common human emotions; joy, surprise, excitement, and frustration will emerge, and be amplified while more magnets are added, building a sharable reservoir of emotion experience generated by intersecting vocal expressions.

Exhibition View

The 5th L.A.S.T, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Feb 2018



-Tests done by different fabrication techniques.

-Tests on various distance of slots for a better experience, to make the game neither too difficult nor easy.

-Shape Test. Circle gives a more welcoming gesture and creates a less competitve, more cooperative platform for players.

Public Engagement Test

Structure Design


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